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Alsace-Lorraine Art

Queen Unbothered: Whom Shall I Fear? Limited Edition Print

Queen Unbothered: Whom Shall I Fear? Limited Edition Print

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Queen Unbothered (2021) by Alsace-Lorraine Artistry was untitled.  The name, "Queen Unbothered: Whom Shall I Fear" came courtesy of Mrs. Tyree Gaines and Mr. Jeffrey Jordan Sr.  As part Alsace-Lorraine Artistry's launch program, we discussed this painting at length. 

I realize story we create from this painting is guided by our cultural lens, heritage, and life experiences. Some said she was surrounded by wolves but walking steadfast. She was described as fierce, fearless, walking with purpose, and a queen with her head held high while completely unbothered by what is occurring behind her or in front of her. 

I hope those of you reading, especially women can see yourself in this piece. A person, who keeps moving forward despite her past (what is behind her) and the obstacles she may face (what is in front of her). Though she may be surrounded by darkness – and wolves in front and behind her, with every step she takes, the darkness is filled with golden light. Every step is one of faith that gets her closer to her dreams, or the next chapter in her life. 

She is me. She is also you. 

Print Details:

  • Limited Edition Print (100 copies).
  • Printed in a luster finish.    
  • Print signed by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). 
  • Print made to order and will take between 1 – 2 weeks for delivery. 
  • Frame is not included. The artist provides frame suggestions.
  • Print arrives ready to frame.  
  • Prints are made on demand. As such, all sales are final. 

If there is a size you want that is not listed, please email 

The artist, Alsace L. Touré reserves all reproduction and copyrights. 


Prints are made upon demand. As such, all sales are final.


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