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Hi, I am Alsace-Lorraine!

I am Alsace-Lorraine.  I inherited my name from my grandmother, who was an educator, a terrible baker and a beautiful soul.  Our family name originates from the countries, Alsace and Lorraine, which have historical significance in French and German culture. 

As an artist for many of years I would paint and place the canvases in the closet, only occasionally sharing with my mother and three friends.  This was for two reasons.  I am a self-taught artist and thought I needed formal training.  As such, I lived in doubt about my skills and credibility.  Second, I painted primarily to heal workplace trauma. 

In 2021, I left my twenty year career in higher education to pursue my artistry. My mission is to create art that is thought-provoking, inspiring and visually stimulating.  I try to find meaning in all aspects of life, as such, my works often reflect my experiences.   

I love painting with bright, bold colors, especially blue.  I enjoy using resin and acrylic paint on canvas and wood.  My art has been described as tranquil, bold, and innovative.  I am truly humbled by these words and hope to continue creating beautiful art.  Thank you for allowing me to share this gift with you!